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  • Knightsbridge station 2022

    Hyde Park Now-Knightsbridge station 2022

    Its London’s underground’s forgotten upgrade! Everyone gets their rocks off on Battersea Power Station new tube station, Barking Riverside, the Northern Line’s Bank station upgrade, the Elizabeth Line, even the new station entrances at Hackney Central and the rest of it. But this one? It seems its barely been mentioned and probably something many would […]

  • The tube’s first ever fatalities

    Hyde Park Now-The tube's first ever fatalities

    The first ever fatality on the tube occurred one hundred and thirty one years ago this month and this occurred in the very early months of the then new City and South London Railway, which as many know, is now part of London’s Northern Line. (PS if one wants to read about the first ever […]

  • Westminster escalator pics

    Hyde Park Now-Westminster escalator pics

    A few months ago I wrote about a display of historic underground pictures on the hoardings at Oxford Circus tube station. It must be said that Westminster (Jubilee Line) too has had a display of pictures for some time on one of the escalator banks while replacement of an escalator is underway. Its one of […]

  • Bakerloo returns to Kennington Rd!

    Hyde Park Now-Bakerloo returns to Kennington Rd!

    Kennington Road station was an early tube terminus however it didn’t last long. It was the penultimate station before the Elephant and Castle and these days is better known as Lambeth North. A strange quirk to this station is that it has retained its full terminus capabilities unlike many other tube stations, including a double […]

  • The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Hyde Park Now-The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Was this photograph from 1937 somehow the best ever taken on London’s tube system? It’s certainly a very unusual composition for its time because it suggests a substantial abstraction and mystique. We do not know who the subject is other than its a guy in a bowler hat and his entire figure is almost in […]

  • TfL Colourful Roundels

    Hyde Park Now-TfL Colourful Roundels

    TfL has certainly been going to town with its colourful roundels these last few years – perhaps a chance to cheer up tube and overground users during these uncertain times in the light of COVID etc? Many wonderful examples and evidently a lot many of us will have not seen either despite some of us […]

  • Western DMUs on the Metropolitan Line!

    Hyde Park Now-Western DMUs on the Metropolitan Line!

    The London Underground’s history has been replete with many instances of main line passenger trains, and freight trains sharing tracks with London Underground’s trains. Bow Road to Upminster, Shoreditch to New Cross and New Cross Gate, Gunnersbury to Richmond, Putney to Wimbledon, Ealing Broadway to High Street Kensington, Kilburn High Road to Watford Junction, Croxley […]

  • Northern Line at Bank closes down

    Hyde Park Now-Northern Line at Bank closes down

    Well this is! The Bank branch of the Northern Line is no longer with us in its last known form! The final train left at 00.38 this morning. The next one wont be until sometime in 2022 and then it’ll be a totally different platform (and station altogether.) Over the past 50 years or so […]

  • London’s only tube trains with a forward view!

    Hyde Park Now-London's only tube trains with a forward view!

    Now that the 1938 tube stock’s long era in public service has come to an end with the last examples having bowed out from the Island Line, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the one element of these tube trains no one ever seems to mention. That is the fact […]

  • Oxford Circus escalator pics – the update!

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics - the update!

    Just over a week ago I published a feature on the new pictures at Oxford Circus tube which featured the history of escalators on London’s underground. One curiosity was the fact all the pictures were in chronological order other than the final three which were set out as 1976, 1950 and 2014 (that’s in the […]