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  • Bakerloo returns to Kennington Rd!

    Hyde Park Now-Bakerloo returns to Kennington Rd!

    Kennington Road station was an early tube terminus however it didn’t last long. It was the penultimate station before the Elephant and Castle and these days is better known as Lambeth North. A strange quirk to this station is that it has retained its full terminus capabilities unlike many other tube stations, including a double […]

  • Thameslink overextends itself…

    Hyde Park Now-Thameslink overextends itself...

    Who needs train pantographs especially when one is south of the River Thames? Exactly! It’s the reason for having BIG warning signs at Farringdon pleading that drivers check to see they’ve retracted their pantographs in order to enjoy the delights of the substantial 3rd rail system – the world’s largest such network which is largely […]

  • The Opicina tram – an update

    Hyde Park Now-The Opicina tram - an update

    The Opicina tram in Northern Italy, the world’s only tramway of its kind, has been shut nearly 5 years. Following an accident on Via Commerciale between Trieste and Opicina in August 2016, it was forced to close. The line was meant to reopen in March 2020 but then came the COVID pandemic. The last time […]

  • Trieste’s famous tram stays closed

    Hyde Park Now-Trieste's famous tram stays closed

    The Opicina tram – the world’s only tramway of its kind and located in Trieste, Northern Italy, has been shut nearly five years now. The metre gauge line closed in August 2016 following an accident on Via Commerciale in the vicinity of Conconello between Trieste and Opicina. The Trieste authorities had said it would reopen […]

  • TfL station gets Xmas makeover…

    Hyde Park Now-TfL station gets Xmas makeover...

    Santa really did give Oxford Circus station a mighty big Xmas makeover! It certainly beats me how it was done – maybe security had been lacking under the impression that it being the Xmas holiday and there was a partial lockdown (Tier 4 in fact), then no-one would be out to cause any problems. But […]

  • South Shore Line Michigan City

    Hyde Park Now-South Shore Line Michigan City

    The Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Line (the South Shore) is America’s last interurban line – and what is more surprising is it still operates a substantial section of on-street track. The railroad once had other street sections too which have since been diverted – however this in Michigan City, Indiana, is the last […]

  • Tinpot Railways special – Morecambe

    Hyde Park Now-Tinpot Railways special - Morecambe

    I wrote about the truncating of the terminus at Morecambe a couple of months back as part of my Tinpot Railways series. That was a great disappointment for me because at the time – which was 1994 when the change-over was done – I was surprised to find upon arriving at the town we were […]

  • Tinpot Railways: Terminal decline

    Hyde Park Now-Tinpot Railways: Terminal decline

    The good old British railway system! One of the fighter points for the UK’s successful tinpot railway system were its termini. Who needed grand stations with a judicious choice of platforms and stupendous station buildings when a bus stop thingy could do better? Better still – why not push the railway buffers further back and […]

  • Tinpot Railways: The double deck conundrum

    Hyde Park Now-Tinpot Railways: The double deck conundrum

    A few weeks back I had written most of a post – not yet quite finished called Britain’s Tinpot Railways – about the huge disbenefits of Britain’s railways and the backwards culture – it was one of two articles that critically examined the role of our railways in new and unthought of ways. It was […]

  • That crazy Princes Risborough track layout!

    Hyde Park Now-That crazy Princes Risborough track layout!

    The bizarre track layout at Princes Risborough! When you thought British Railways planning couldn’t get any worse, here’s a particular example of its backwards philosophy. Its not like Seaton Junction where an entire station was left in situ with just one plain track through it which didn’t matter because the station had been closed! In […]