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  • Paddington station 1838/1854

    Hyde Park Now-Paddington station 1838/1854

    For years the exterior of the original Paddington station buildings belonging to the Great Western Railway (GWR) have looked in a quite poor condition. This is the rear of the area which is known these days as the GWR First Class Lounge. These were the very rooms which the Royal Family, especially Queen Victoria, would […]

  • Elizabeth line – black or blue?

    Hyde Park Now-Elizabeth line - black or blue?

    No not a punch up or anything but rather information. We want information! information! Information. By hook or by crook you wont get it – except in maybe black with white lettering these days! Or yellow/orangey font against a back background as has been the norm for decades. Okay let’s Start Me Up! The Elizabeth […]

  • Marylebone – Take a Seat exhibition

    Hyde Park Now-Marylebone - Take a Seat exhibition

    PriestmanGoode has been in the news a lot for its iconic rail designs, including the unveiling of the first mock ups of the new tube trains for the Piccadilly Line at the Siemens factory in Goole. As observers will know, its designs are quite radical and those for the new Piccadilly Line are no exception. […]

  • London’s cutest signal gantry?

    Hyde Park Now-London's cutest signal gantry?

    As an aside to London’s unique concrete signal gantries which I’ve written about a couple of times, here’s one steel gantry that defied attempts to build it in the style of many others seen on the mainline out of Waterloo! At one time nearly all the signals out of Waterloo (including the many platform starters […]

  • Marylebone station anniversary #3

    Hyde Park Now-Marylebone station anniversary #3

    From the 1990s to the present day. Pair of 115 DMUs at the station. 1990 possibly. Source: London Reconnections A Class 165 in the early days of its use with a pressed steel DMU visible in the old diesel depot. Source: Twitter. (Note: Tweet is suspended, deleted or made private thus an archived image is […]

  • Marylebone station anniversary #2

    Hyde Park Now-Marylebone station anniversary #2

    From the 1950s to the end of the eighties. BR 45292 at Marylebone in April 1948, on what is possibly a Manchester express. Note the lower quadrant signal midway on the platform! It can also be seen in the picture featuring the women porters. Source: PicClick (The page in question has now been deleted and […]

  • GWR’s NHS Thank You tribute

    Hyde Park Now-GWR's NHS Thank You tribute

    Recently I spotted GWR’s special liveried Class 800 (number 802020) at Paddington and I thought a post on it would be in order. The train was conceived as a result of a competition during the lockdown period in April/May/June 2020 where which the winning entries were submitted by three school pupils. GWR have said the […]

  • Buffer crash tests #2

    Hyde Park Now-Buffer crash tests #2

    The first post looked at primarily Ipswich buffers under test in Argentina. This post looks at a few more of those – but its mainly the more modern types such as Oleo buffers that are being tested. Other countries United Kingdom: There are still a number of stations and sidings with Ipswich buffers. The only […]

  • Buffer crash tests #1

    Hyde Park Now-Buffer crash tests #1

    A post with a difference – well sort of! I discovered some number of videos following threads on hydraulic buffers at terminus stations. Thus here’s a collaboration of all those videos I could find of the art of buffer walloping in action! Actually its a means of testing those solid and enduring Ransome and Rapier […]

  • Tinpot Railways: Terminal decline #3

    Hyde Park Now-Tinpot Railways: Terminal decline #3

    We continue with our investigations into what could be said to be the ‘public sphere’ or perhaps the British consciousness in terms of its railways. The grand modernisation schemes and rationalisations of the sixties and seventies were really nothing more than contrived schemes to give the motorist a better deal. And its how we ended […]