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  • The first official Great British Railways Logo!

    Hyde Park Now-The first official Great British Railways Logo!

    Great British Railways is on the way! Its basically a re-nationalisation of the railways (to some sort of extent based on the TfL model where individual companies manage the various transport systems TfL requires as part of the day to day operations keeping London on the move.) I’m not going to write very much about […]

  • Rail trespassers of 1965

    Hyde Park Now-Rail trespassers of 1965

    On many railways around the world its apparently quite okay to walk upon or by a railway line even though the operating authorities would really rather people didn’t do it. In a few countries it isn’t even an any sort of okay and Britain is one of those where trespassing’s a definite no-no. Despite the […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 16

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos – Route 16

    Route 16 – Victoria to Neasden The previous post in this series featuring the 237 was published in January 2018 – thus it seemed about time another was published! The other posts have been about central/south bus services thus this is the first to feature a route to the northern parts of London. The venerable […]

  • Emirates cable car in miniature!

    Hyde Park Now-Emirates cable car in miniature!

    Budding model collectors have an opportunity to collect one of just 99 specially created models depicting London’s Emirates cable car! These are priced at £300 each – so make it quick before they sell out! The exclusive collectors models can be found at this LT Museum page. LT Museum says: The Emirates Air Line electric […]

  • The ghosts of London Reconnections

    Hyde Park Now-The ghosts of London Reconnections

    London Reconnections, or Reconnections as it likes to call itself these days, is the youngest of many of the transport based blogs covering London and has a huge following. The simple way to judge the success of Reconnections is by looking at the comments sections, these regularly run into the hundreds. London Reconnections is all […]

  • London viaduct with high/low lines #2

    Hyde Park Now-London viaduct with high/low lines #2

    The 1,19 km (3,911 ft) long Silvertown Viaduct which connects West Silvertown to Canning Town was the first instance of a viaduct of its kind constructed for an expanding road network. It opened as the nation’s first contemporary vehicle by-pass and is recognised as the UK’s first-ever road fly-over. A ‘high line’ and a ‘low […]

  • London viaduct with high & low lines!

    Hyde Park Now-London viaduct with high & low lines!

    These days there’s talk of high lines (Camden, Peckham) whilst London already has a low line which I have written about here. These are walking routes along the top or along the bottom of viaducts. This is one viaduct, a real historic one too that has both a ready made high and low line – […]

  • Leicester Square to Covent Garden – time tests

    Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square to Covent Garden - time tests

    This is the third part of the Leicester Square -Covent Garden investigation – and discusses how long it takes to use the tube/walk between the two stations. Here’s Part One: An overview Part Two: Station sightings Covent Garden station – start of the most expensive, useless, tube journey in London! In November 2016 I undertook some […]

  • Leicester Square to Covent Garden – Station sightings

    Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square to Covent Garden - Station sightings

    Covent Garden tube station – where London’s most expensive tube trip begins (or ends.) This is the second part of my investigation into the Leicester Square/Covent Garden conundrum. The first part is here. We look at the overground route using photos to ascertain if the stations can be seen from each other. Popular opinion says […]

  • Leicester Square to Covent Garden – an overview

    Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square to Covent Garden - an overview

    This is a trilogy of posts exploring the shortest distance between London tube stations, namely Leicester Square and Covent Garden. There’s myths that have never been fully investigated. Time to demolish some of these! Anyway, Leicester Square to Covent Garden is officially the shortest distance between any tube stations at 0.26km/0.16miles (although the closed British […]