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  • Knightsbridge station 2022

    Hyde Park Now-Knightsbridge station 2022

    Its London’s underground’s forgotten upgrade! Everyone gets their rocks off on Battersea Power Station new tube station, Barking Riverside, the Northern Line’s Bank station upgrade, the Elizabeth Line, even the new station entrances at Hackney Central and the rest of it. But this one? It seems its barely been mentioned and probably something many would […]

  • The tube’s first ever fatalities

    Hyde Park Now-The tube's first ever fatalities

    The first ever fatality on the tube occurred one hundred and thirty one years ago this month and this occurred in the very early months of the then new City and South London Railway, which as many know, is now part of London’s Northern Line. (PS if one wants to read about the first ever […]

  • Westminster escalator pics

    Hyde Park Now-Westminster escalator pics

    A few months ago I wrote about a display of historic underground pictures on the hoardings at Oxford Circus tube station. It must be said that Westminster (Jubilee Line) too has had a display of pictures for some time on one of the escalator banks while replacement of an escalator is underway. Its one of […]

  • The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Hyde Park Now-The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Was this photograph from 1937 somehow the best ever taken on London’s tube system? It’s certainly a very unusual composition for its time because it suggests a substantial abstraction and mystique. We do not know who the subject is other than its a guy in a bowler hat and his entire figure is almost in […]

  • Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

    Hyde Park Now-Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

    The second part of this series. These are all tweets not covered in the first part – and there’s plenty too. Its the result of patiently searching Twitter then copying and pasting urls into the post. You might think its an easy job, five minutes or so. Its actually very intensive work and very slow, […]

  • Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

    Hyde Park Now-Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

    A goody bag of tweets covering many different types of vintage London Underground posters, many dating back to the very early days of the tube. This post was originally prepared in 2017, which explains why tweets only go up to that year. A new post has been done with those after 2017 and any that […]

  • Reshaping London’s tube for the future

    Hyde Park Now-Reshaping London's tube for the future

    Two new tube lines for London – without anyone really noticing! I actually wrote this in November last year on top of the series covering the Piccadilly Line’s extension to Cockfosters, but put it aside as I decided I wasn’t authoritative or knowledgeable enough to discuss such matters. I even had done this lovely new […]

  • London's tube stations that began life as a terminus

    Hyde Park Now-London's tube stations that began life as a terminus

    When one asks which tube stations are true underground termini, Brixton, Walthamstow (both Victoria Line) and Bank, Waterloo (both Waterloo & City Line), Elephant and Castle (Bakerloo Line) plus Heathrow Terminal Five (Piccadilly Line) will most likely come to mind. There were loads more underground tube station termini at one time but all these are […]

  • Hayward Brothers on the tube

    Hyde Park Now-Hayward Brothers on the tube

    Another as it happens blog post – and so soon after the first one! I wanted to gradually make it a regular feature but it seems I am diving in at the deep end. This one is being done at 4.00am – and again its about manhole covers. I am quite familiar with Hayward Brothers […]

  • Central Line: beyond Caxton Road

    Hyde Park Now-Central Line: beyond Caxton Road

    A minor update of the article posted two years ago featuring the Central Line around Wood Lane/White City showing how the area’s changed. Previous overground sections of the Central Line are now underground. The header image shows the Central Line tracks as they approach Ariel Way. This section was the original route of the Central […]