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  • Oxford Circus escalator pics – the update!

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics - the update!

    Just over a week ago I published a feature on the new pictures at Oxford Circus tube which featured the history of escalators on London’s underground. One curiosity was the fact all the pictures were in chronological order other than the final three which were set out as 1976, 1950 and 2014 (that’s in the […]

  • Oxford Circus escalator pics

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics

    Work on the down northbound escalators at Oxford Circus is accompanied by a novelty rarely seen at any escalator work on the tube. This is a photomontage of images depicting escalator history and building. While this has been done at one, maybe two, other tube stations, this particular exhibit includes a photograph of London’s only […]

  • Rare mixed tube track at Baker St #3

    Hyde Park Now-Rare mixed tube track at Baker St #3

    Another installment in the Baker Street track replacement works series! This time we can see the entire track layout at Baker Street consists of flat bottom rail, and I assume the work here has been done (apart from tidying things up and removing the other spare bits of flat bottom rail on the pit floor.) […]

  • Old tube station reveals itself!

    Hyde Park Now-Old tube station reveals itself!

    Fifty years ago in February 1959, the last tube trains to served this particular station were withdrawn. The station itself eventually became hidden for good by huge advertising boards and the only proper reminder it ever existed was a footbridge that apparently went nowhere! Recently these advertising hoardings came down and the station once again […]

  • Rare mixed tube track at Baker St #2

    Hyde Park Now-Rare mixed tube track at Baker St #2

    The very unusual mixed rail track at Baker Street is no more. It lasted probably just one day! What we now see is the more traditional kind of bullhead/flat bottom rail interface rather than each type on the same section of track. These pictures were taken this evening (24th January) when the platform was generally […]

  • Rare mixed tube track at Baker Street

    Hyde Park Now-Rare mixed tube track at Baker Street

    The UK’s railways have one type or another of rail which are flatbottom or the increasingly rarer bullhead. London’s underground still has a fair bit of bullhead although this is gradually being replaced with more modern flat bottom rail. Although sections of flatbottom and bullhead can often be found connected end on with special spacers […]

  • Warren St/King's Cross photo surveys

    Hyde Park Now-Warren St/King's Cross photo surveys

    A series of pictures to show the alignment between Warren Street and King’s Cross tube stations can indeed be seen, as well as both stations from the main entrance to Euston station by the gatehouses at Euston Grove. Upon doing these extra surveys I found it was much easier to see Warren Street from King’s […]

  • London's furthest sighted tube stations?

    Hyde Park Now-London's furthest sighted tube stations?

    Everyone talks about how near or how far a tube station is, whether its for walking, a short cut or simply an out of station interchange. Or for example its a means of avoiding the tube altogether – like Leicester Square – Covent Garden, White City – Wood Lane, Queensway – Bayswater, Lancaster Gate – […]

  • Twenty One Pilots to Eweston

    Hyde Park Now-Twenty One Pilots to Eweston

    Euston tube station (or is it Eweston?) is certainly doing big adverts these days! In October 2018 hordes of people were visiting the station, often going out of their way just to see the impressive Twenty One Pilots advert which featured the music duo’s latest album, Trench. The pics I took of the advert were […]