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  • New LUL service tunnels at Euston

    Hyde Park Now-New LUL service tunnels at Euston

    HS2 have just released a video along with pictures of what is clearly work to build the long awaited ventilation services facility at Stephenson Place to the south of the HS2 site. This, as some will know, entailed the building of a quite controversial building which will help to ventilate the Northern line as well […]

  • Southwark’s deep level tube shelter

    Hyde Park Now-Southwark's deep level tube shelter

    ‘The Deep’ apparently was the nickname for the Southwark deep level bomb shelter sited within the City and South London Railway’s former tunnels between Borough and London Bridge. The other end of this section at King William Street too was a bomb shelter however it was totally unconnected to Southwark’s thus the section of the […]

  • Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

    Hyde Park Now-Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

    The second part of this series. These are all tweets not covered in the first part – and there’s plenty too. Its the result of patiently searching Twitter then copying and pasting urls into the post. You might think its an easy job, five minutes or so. Its actually very intensive work and very slow, […]

  • Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

    Hyde Park Now-Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

    A goody bag of tweets covering many different types of vintage London Underground posters, many dating back to the very early days of the tube. This post was originally prepared in 2017, which explains why tweets only go up to that year. A new post has been done with those after 2017 and any that […]

  • The line ends here

    Hyde Park Now-The line ends here

    I was in Epping today doing some photographs for some new posts on the Central Line. The eastern end of the Central Line with disused tracks beyond the platforms. The last time I was here was on 30 Sept 1994, the last day Epping had a through station rather than a terminus as it is […]

  • Leicester Square to Covent Garden – time tests

    Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square to Covent Garden - time tests

    This is the third part of the Leicester Square -Covent Garden investigation – and discusses how long it takes to use the tube/walk between the two stations. Here’s Part One: An overview Part Two: Station sightings Covent Garden station – start of the most expensive, useless, tube journey in London! In November 2016 I undertook some […]

  • William Mitchell – LU Signal Engineer

    Hyde Park Now-William Mitchell - LU Signal Engineer

    William and his wife Nellie at Clacton in 1963. Some of my inspiration for the tube came from William Mitchell. He was a tube Signal Engineer who worked for the London Transport Executive/London Transport Board. William & his wife knew my family and he introduced me to the London Underground rail system at an early age, […]

  • Leicester Square Triology 3 – More about the station

    Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square Triology 3 - More about the station

    As mentioned previously the station’s extensions were designed by Charles Holden in a manner somewhat similar to those others on the Northern Line down to Morden. Below is a sketch of Holden’s showing the new station entrance on Charing Cross Road. Clearly the slimline tube roundel (which I discussed in the first post on this […]

  • Leicester Square Triology 2 – The modern bits of old

    Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square Triology 2 - The modern bits of old

    This is part two of a triology on Leicester Square tube station. Part one was published in May 2016 THE FORMER NEWPORT STREET ENTRANCE Leicester Square station once had five exits although only four can be seen today. The fifth is still there but now has a different purpose and clearly the stairs inside the […]

  • Fantastic LT roundel poster!

    Hyde Park Now-Fantastic LT roundel poster!

    TfL has just published a new poster commemorating the evolution of the LT roundel. Seems Marylebone’s southbound platform has the only large sized poster so far on the network. There are smaller versions at other tube stations for the escalators as shown here.