Hyde Park Now-TfL Colourful Roundels

TfL Colourful Roundels

TfL has certainly been going to town with its colourful roundels these last few years – perhaps a chance to cheer up tube and overground users during these uncertain times in the light of COVID etc? Many wonderful examples and evidently a lot many of us will have not seen either despite some of us trying to track down every one that’s been produced. Its an impossible task! That’s because some roundels or special tube station makeovers were for a day at the most, so those would have been a hit and miss affair. others lasted a couple of days or a week maybe whilst there are still some that have stayed the course by being on display few months.

As Tim’s tweet above shows, there’s always been quite a wide range of London Transport roundels from when the symbol was first thought of. One will find all sorts of roundels these days – taxis, riverbuses, trams, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and so on, however its in the last two decades the roundel’s really diversified to reflect London’s multi-cultural status.

This isn’t a fully comprehensive coverage by the way so there could be some that might have been missed because some of these are not easy to find on social media. I’m also fully aware there’s a few not featured here such as Picardilly Circus, Play Station and Green Planet for example. These featured far more than just roundels however, so maybe a second instalment is in order for those?

Order of these tweets is from current back to 2016 when the Southwark Neon Roundels and the Night Tube Roundels were the order of the day.