Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

This week being the Jubilee Line’s 40th anniversary, I can reveal Charing Cross is still served by the Jubilee Line! ‘Aha yes that it does,’ one may retort, adding ‘but trains run there out of service from Green Park, no public services at all!’ No that’s not what I mean. Lets consider, if one were to consult a tube map and it told you the Jubilee only went to Charing Cross, you’d think it twenty years out of date, right? Well there’s a map that says the Jubilee Line only goes to Charing Cross and thats still visible in 2019 – twenty years after the last public services!

I am aware there were quirks in October 2018 when a train was accidentally sent down the tunnels to Charing Cross instead of towards Stratford. There were even announcements that trains would be terminating at Charing Cross much to the passengers’ bemusement. Those passengers on those occasions who did reach Charing Cross were either lucky, or perhaps unfortunate, to have found themselves there. It was pretty much a one off occasion. But that’s not what I am referring to.

By the way this is not an April Fool’s, that was one month ago! And I’m piss poor at telling lies or making April Fools jokes 🙂

This is about a tube map that really exists.

Okay, where is this map then? (That’s the easy bit phew!) Its in Baker Street station on the northbound Bakerloo platform. However its very hard to find which is probably why no-one’s ever spotted it. Walk right past it and you would never know it was there. Obviously like many others I too had been doing that for many years! Walked right past the damn map without ever knowing of its existence….

Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

The station in question where I discuss an old tube map….

One night recently I was at the rear of a tube train going home. It was full to the gunwhales (everybody having poured into the carriage directly from the corridor link to the Jubilee Line itself) so I had my nose pressed to the windows. As it departed I just happened to glance across the now receding platform at the right moment and snap! I saw this tube map on the station wall. It was just at that instantaneous moment I looked, saw a map, and in a flash it had gone. That had set my mind thinking and all sorts of questions being asked. What the hell had I seen? Was it a tube map? Was it even supposed to be there? Were my eyes playing tricks?

Instead of going home, I got off at Marylebone and travelled back to Baker Street. I dashed along the platform and up the stairs to the northbound platform thinking all the time that perhaps I had imagined things. I looked and looked and then found it. A tube map that wasn’t supposed to be there but it was. And whats more it was there before the newer Baker Street decor had been put up so a bit of tube history was quite evident before me.

Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

Getting warmer! Its on the right hand side somewhere along this bit, just need to look very very hard! 🙂

It is on the northbound Bakerloo platform! Just keep looking at the narrow gaps between the various information/poster display panels and you’ll soon find it. Its very hard to find, being deeply recessed between two modern information panels.

Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

Seen sandwiched between its more modern counterparts, this map really does exist!

Its not much, a perhaps three inch strip of a map that’s almost completely obscured by these modern TfL information panels – but the section that can be seen shows the Jubilee Line, and yes one can see both Charing Cross and Westminster stations. The former is served by the Jubilee Line whilst the latter has absolutely no Jubilee Line going though it.

Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

Proof of the pudding. A thirty year old tube map still extant at Baker Street – denoting that the Jubilee Line only goes to Charing Cross! Note how both Westminster and Waterloo are not even served by the Jubilee Line.

This map was printed before the extension to Stratford was well under way. Maps in the late 1990s showed the Stratford extension as a dotted line yet this one has no dotted lines, so it must be perhaps late 1980s or early 1990s.

However there are further clues. One is the Metropolitan’s peak hours only connection through Baker Street, and on top of that it can just be discerned there is no Hammersmith & City Line. In those days it was part of the Metropolitan. The Hammersmith & City became separate from 1990 thus we are looking at a tube map that’s thirty or more years old.

Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

Clearly a pre Hammersmith & City map! Possibly late 1980s. Note also Mornington Crescent’s closed Sundays. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

The map’s age can easily be seen too. Looking at the bottom there are about eight layers of other tube maps that can be discerned on top of or below this one. No doubt someone tried to remove it before placing those panels on top. And having peeled all the other maps off, this one just wouldn’t budge. So they left it in place. That’s my reasoning anyway.

Hyde Park Now-Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

Layers and layers of other maps over or under the older pre 1990’s map…

Naturally its not a tube map anyone would find easily and consult just to discover the Jubilee didn’t go to Stratford at all.

But its there if one knows where to look! And it’ll no doubt tell you the Jubilee Line only goes as far as Charing Cross!

Its been there for more than thirty years so I do not expect it’ll be disappearing anytime soon 🙂

Happy map hunting at Baker Street station!