Hyde Park Now-Unusual rail crossing in London!

Unusual rail crossing in London!

Angerstein wharf branch accommodation crossing in South East London. It’s fascinating and a must see – especially for those who never leave the City – like me!

This must be the only one like it in this country and its almost on a par with the foot tunnel under the canal at Cosgrove in Northamptonshire. The Fairthorn Road foot crossing even has an additional access point from underneath the adjacent footbridge which is most unusual.

It might look quiet but dozens and dozens lots of people use it to from Westcombe Park station – the nearest public rail point. At times I was seeing as many as perhaps twenty people going over the crossing in single file!

Video of the Angerstein Wharf branch crossing

I have never been to this part of London before and I went via North Greenwich. It was a day of firsts for me as I’ve only ever passed through North Greenwich on the tube. Never got off here. First time ever I saw the O2 (aka the Millenium Dome) close up (as opposed to seeing it from far off) and also the Emirates AirLine – absolutely new to me too (apart from a quick glimpse from the Docklands train on the north side of the Thames.)

The Angerstein branch looks as if it might have been double track at one time but not not clearly ever has been, as I looked at several maps and they all show a single line despite a double track formation and only the western half of the bridge over Woolwich Road has ever been used.

Video of the Angerstein Wharf branch crossing (part 2)

A defunct signal can be seen part way down the line and what seems to be a gradient post. It seems this signal once controlled the other part of the Angerstein Wharf triangle, this was the spur leading directly towards London. As most of us know only that towards the east (Charlton) remains.

There seems to be the remains of an old Southern (maybe SER) post by the crossing itself. (Update 19th: I found a driver’s eye view video onto the branch – it shows the ‘gradient post’ to be some strange sign that’s illegible nowdays.)

I spotted this video yesterday by Morthren who has done a number of other interesting videos this wasn’t his usual kind of show as the Fairthorn Road/Angerstein Wharf line is not a disused railway, its still working, yet I was enthralled to watch it and this inspired me to make a visit to see the crossing for myself.

This is the first time I have done a video post. The videos were done when the crossing was not being used as I wanted to keep the camera movement as smooth as I could by not having to squeeze past dozens of people. My videos have been uploaded raw. No edits, no sounds enhancement stuff whatsoever. Please enjoy my videos as they are thank you 🙂